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Animal Concepts Foundation

Miller Kennels

We have opened a non-profit rescue facility in order to help save more dogs. Our main goal is to evaluate and place dogs with suitable long-term owners based on the dog’s inherent capabilities and experiences.

What makes us different from other rescues groups is our 25 years experience. Training a wide variety of breeds. Our facility has several grassy fields with an obstacle coarse and even a large pond. We keep the dogs at the facility healthy, happy and active.

Our interactions with the dogs give us an expanded opportunity to evaluate their natural abilities, drives and traits to succeed in a variety of tasks. We have had success in placing dogs that now work at airports searching for contraband and explosives. Others have been successful at search and rescue Operations. We have also placed several as great hunting dogs and family companions.

A local dog that we turned around is now working at Weber State University. K9 Balou, a 3-year-old German Sheppard, bounced from one rescue to another. He is now trained and certified in explosive detection and patrol. Currently we are seeking funds through grants and tax-deductible donations. We also have a need for sponsors and volunteers. Donations of blankets, towels. And gift vouchers are greatly appreciated.

For more information and to see our available dogs, visit Animal Concepts Foundation.

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